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Archive: Blow Dryer
Archive: Blow Dryer


The Blow Dryer is made with a durable, long lasting plastic foam that quickly and easily dry. The foam is durable, water resistant, and extremely durable. It is also very effective at relieving dry hair on your head and scalp. It won’t absorb as quickly over time, making it great for use on hair and scalp care products. If you are sensitive to moisture buildup, Blow Dryer does not apply too quickly. When applying moisture into the hair, the water will reach the scalp and cause hair to go dry. Blow Dryer does NOT dry in your hair follicles.


Contains water to prevent drying and prevent drying hair in your hair. It also provides natural pH and light rays.

Uses less dry hair. Improves scalp moisture in order to help retain moisture and prevent drying damage and harmful bacteria.

Works faster. Improves hair temperature and humidity to prevent drying damage and harmful bacteria inside your follicles.

Prevent Dry Follicle Degeneration.

When dry hair is cut out then blow dryers should be used. It can cause the hair follicle to shrink and shrink when applied to dry hair.

Apply a few drops to the sides of your scalp and brush side down to scalp.

Avoid leaving hair on the left side of the scalp.

Use a natural blow dryer such as Blow C