Your creative stained glass shop, where you get guidance, expertise, and support around the clock from our team. Whether you are looking for high-quality tools to create your stained glass art yourself, seeking a professional company such as ours to bring your work of art to life, or stained glass repairs to your beloved custom design, A Pane Fulla Glass is the one-stop shop for your needs. 

We are a company that offers a full-service customer service experience from inspiration, all the way through the installation and your satisfaction of your stained glass piece. We have kept our stained glass repair process simple and straightforward over the years to accommodate all of our customers and the details that matter most to a work of art such as a stained glass design. We can fix almost any type of glass product and it does not have to be a piece that was created by A Pane Fulla Glass specifically. 

Repairing a window, lamp, or other unique design constructed of stained glass materials first and foremost requires the broken panel or lamp shade to be removed completely. Once removed, the damaged items may be taken apart piece by piece to be evaluated, and for our team to decide the best strategy to make the original pattern match seamlessly once again, while also cutting the glass and ensuring all colors and shapes are in align with one another. A repaired stained glass work of art should be unrecognizable even after a repair by A Pane Fulla Glass due to the high attention to detail and experience skill required to fix the damaged panel or portion of the piece in order to make the change invisible to the naked eye. 

This sentence from him did not make sense to me: “If it’s a panel, we put and replace a lamp, then solder, and reinstall” it may be a language barrier, but need to adjust it to make sense or delete. 

We offer any and all types of repair; however, our most common requested repair services include stained glass front doors, church and Mausoleum repairs, panels, and stained glass lamps. Our team can truly repair it all! 

Larger repairs require a more extensive process from removing the entire panel, transporting it to our local shop, the repair process in person, and then a reinstallation within your home or designated area for the stained glass panels. We will gladly visit you for any repair needs and provide an estimate at no cost, in order to provide a precise plan and procedure to bring your stained glass design back to its former glory.

Also, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns about your stained glass repair inquiries, including photos and descriptions in order to provide our team with as many details as possible, and allow us to determine the exact amount of damages and repairs necessary for your custom stained glass design. 

Typical repairs performed, but are not limited to the following:

  • Bulge reduction
  • Adding structural reinforcing bars
  • Replacing individual pieces of broken or damaged stained glass
  • Recementing or waterproofing-recementing the correct word or should it be resealing?
  • Repairing structural framing components

Please give us a call if you are searching for a local and reputable stained glass company who handles any repair request needed. We look forward to hearing from you!